Conference Highlights

  • 1. Being a great negotiator- Getting What You Want...A Better Deal
    Negotiation goes hand-in-hand with event planning and coordination. A wedding planner has to deal with endless talks and debates with key players and vendors in order to achieve one goal. A well-versed negotiation is the result of practice, self-reflection and feedback.
  • 2. Business Savvy leader – Looking beneath the surface
    Savviness comes in all shapes and sizes—from tech savvy to politically savvy and everything in-between. A powerful business acumen is required securing a successful path through the events industry. The need for business acumen skills has become a standalone competency & a critical focus of most wedding planners.
  • 3. Evolution of the budding wedding planners
    The wedding industry is a great example of an industry in transition, spurred on by digital innovation. Tracing the growth of wedding industry, the demand for wedding and event management education is also on the rise. The Panel focuses on bringing together some of the enthusiastic young wedding planners & their journey from the roots.
  • 4. Wedding Industry 4.0
    Today, advances in technology have led to sweeping improvements in the events managements fields. Wedding Technology Trends are shaping the future of events. Heart-rate monitors for your walk down aisle, driverless cars and 3D printed desserts are just some of the tech trends you can expect to see in weddings this year. Wearable Technology that tracks your every move, Wedding Drones for impossibly cool photos and video, A GoPro Bridal Bouquet to capture hidden moments, Robots that live-stream your wedding, Al based wedding apps etc.
  • 5. The significance of the eureka moment for a budding wedding planner
    The importance of that one “Defining Moment” is what a wedding planner looks for. This session focuses on the turning point in each wedding planners’ career & those decisions in life that can take in one way or the other.

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